The Thrill of Flight

Engineered for excitement and equpped with an all-new,
ultra-durable 1500KV brushes motor, the Ophella is powerful,
nimble, and surprisingly quiet.

25km/h (horizontal)

60km/h (downslope)

up to 20 min

2800 mAh


An updated aerodynamic design and lightweight build increase performance and
stability, with speeds reaching up to 25km/h (horizontal) or 60km/h (downslope),
while a 2800mAh lithium-ion battery allows you to fly up to 20 minutes on a single charge.

the Skies

See the world from a whole new perspective.
The included 1080P HD camera with a 110°FOV
lens captures panoramic aerial videos and photos
with ease.

Improved 5G connection ensures a stable real
time video feed and boosts transmission range up to 1,300 feet (400 meters).

Also compatible with GoPro Hero 2/3/4 action cameras.

Flight Features

With built-in GPS positioning, the Ophelia
automatically returns home and safely lands at the
launch site when battery power is low or signal is lost (or on command at the push of a button).

Enable “Follow Me Mode” to autonomously follow and record your subject for hands-free flying and recording..

Smartphone Connectivity

With the connected smartphone app, control the Ophelia your way. Use on-screen buttons and manually set altitude, draw a preset path using the touchscreen, or have the Ophelia orbit a specific waypoint via GPS. Record using intuitive in-app camera controls, while a real-time 1080P video feed is sent directly to your smartphone for instant review.

Modular Design

Customize your Opheliad with
ease - no screws required.


Featuring durable quick-release
propellers, change accessories or
disassemble for easy transport in a flash.


Batteries can be easily swapped
on-the-go for additional flight time.

It’s technologically advanced,
but it’s also simple.

Pro Piloting Made Easy

The Ophelia is easy to control, letting you focus on exploration
and photography. Simply quicklaunch with the press of
a button, and you're ready to start flying.

The Ophelia uses advanced GPS and flight control technologies
to remain smooth and stable, keeping its altitude and
positioning locked. Headless mode makes piloting a breeze for
beginners and experts alike.


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